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Enolmatic Filters

Good morning everyone!  We recently purchased a single-spout Enolmatic Filler plus the filter housing to run minor filtration to some of our flavored products.  Using a 5.0 micron filter, we can barely get through 100 bottles before bottling slows dramatically.  I have the Enol-San cleaning powder and have used it to clean the filters as directed on the container (cold water, etc).  While it definitely cleans the filter to some extent, I am not able to get more than about another 20-30 bottles before it slows way down again.

We are bottling some flavored vodka right now - natural flavors and sugars dissolved in solution.

I have read all of the prior threads I have found and see some similar issues, so am wondering if any of you have found some better solutions.

Appreciate any replies!


Warm or hot caustic water would do wonders for clearing sugar, can't speak for what it would do to the equipment. You would need to follow up with acid and probably the enol-san regimen as recommended. Do not do this without verifying your filler can handle caustic or hot liquids.


Thanks Robert - I wondered about that too.  I have a message into St Pats as well to see who their experts might be. 


When we do liqueurs with a high amount of dissolved solids, we pre-filter the whole batch first before bottling. You can get a large 5 micron bag filter for fairly cheap and pump into it and filter your batch first then nothing should clog the bottle filter. 


Nice - worth a try!  Mind letting me know a good source for these bags that have worked for you?  I will look as well!

Reply:4 minutes ago, Northern Waters said:

Super - thanks!  I have some filters from Duda Diesel so I know what you mean about them as suppliers.


Any other reputable filter housing companies? I didn't see where Utah Diesel sells the housing.  Thanks!


I have used biodiesel filter bags a lot. Just hang the bag filter in a clean drum and pour or pump into the bag.

If you have a dedicated drum with a lid just cut a hole in the lid and drop bag in. There is a ring around the open end that stops bag falling in.

Turn them inside out and wash for re-use.