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East coast barrels hybrid stainless barrels

Has anyone used these?  Have any actual experience with them?


i saw these whilst browsing the other day and they look kinda cool and would allow me to experiment with some local woods for aging product.


I can't imagine using these, why not just use a normal 55 gal drum with some staves if that was your goal? 


Almost don't want to know how much they want for those. I use stainless barrels with spirals for my rum. Happy with that.

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As the saying goes - oaking isn't aging. Without breathing you miss that part of it. That being said if you're doing a short aging on the spirit anyhow it probably won't make much of a difference anyhow.

For price the 59g Titan Barrel (basically the same thing) is $1000 for the barrel and $400 for the replacement staves.

The Squarrel (you can search for previous post on this) is $760 for a 10g version and $90 for replacement staves. They have bigger version but they don't list the price.

At least with the Squarrel you're getting better storage density. Too bad they didn't make it more easily forkable for a pallet jack or forklift.

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For your situation I think that's a good idea. I like having the locals process the wood - it adds to your story of being local. 

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9-12 months and beyond. Depends on product. Generally around 7-9 months I start doing occasional tasting until I am satisfied it is ready for gauging and bottling. I have some 2 year old rum now that has a nice creamy sweet front end in both white and matured on wood.