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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Earthiness in potato vodka

I am trying to help out a friend here.

I believe that potato vodka should have a slight hint of potato earthiness but there is too much.

Anyone had experience with where this might be able to be reduced?

Cooking, enzymes, ferment temperature, pH, spirit cuts???





What is the water source for mash and proofing? Could possibly be geosmin. We run a well and have bumped into that before we installed our new filter.


Thanks Stumpy.

I assume you mean filtering your production water and removing the bacteria that produce the geosim ie. Actinobacteria 

or is it an RO filter that pulls out almost everything?



You got it! We switched to RO + UV for all water after mashing and particulate + carbon filter for mash water since we cereal mash and hold at 180 for 90 min.


I believe Different potato varieties have different amounts of geosmin, so it could be related to the type of potato. some Japanese shochu producers peel the potato to reduce earthiness. Also, apparently potatoes can have tca issues