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Distilling lavender for oils

See email below i received following a phone call. Basically they will have lavender fields and want to harvest them and distill them in to oils. As this is a special needs community they are looking to contract out to a distillery. I dont know anything about it, is this something that will harm my still? last thing i want is lavender smelling bourbon 







Thank  you so much for speaking with me this morning. I really, really appreciate it! First let me tell you about myself. I just finished my masters at A&M where I studied plant breeding. I accepted a job back in May and have been here for 3 weeks now! Wow, off to a running start!


We are looking into branching out into agrotourism. A lavender field has been a dream of our founders for some time, and it is my goal to bring that dream to reality. Our citizens are eager for a new project and I believe that this is a good route to take to broaden their horizons.  We are hoping to grow and harvest the lavender with help from our citizens, to then have distilled by a third party so that the citizens can then in turn make lotions and soaps to be sold in our gift shop. We are dreaming big here, I know this can be done, I just need a great support system to help make it happen. Please let me know if this would be possible, with your facility being so close, this is a very reasonable solution for us. I would love to meet and  be able to talk about this more in dept. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Sounds fun.

Lavender oil is traditionally produced via steam distillation - where your outputs are lavender oil and lavender hydrosol.  You will need the ability to pass steam through a large volume of lavender plants.  The  condense the vapor, and depart the oils fro  the water (hydrosol).

Lavender extracts can be produced by solvent extraction, but the process is very different.


too complex for me i was more curious if anyone else was doing this




You could distill lavender oil for them in your still by placing the plant material in your pot along with water then heat up to 212F and distill off the hydrosol.  It would be best if you put the plant material in stainless bags and better if you had a false bottom  You will need to clean thoroughly afterword to get the lavender flavors out of your still.  You will need to remove your parrot and put an oil water separator at the output of your still.  This is one way but not the best. 


We build special steam stills for essential oils that have false bottoms that separate the plant material from the water.  The water is below the false bottom and the heat source to boil the water is electric or gas.  The stills are large straight sided vessel and the whole top is removable so that they can be loaded easily.  Ours tilt like cement mixers so that they can be easily dumped.  

The best way in my opinion is to use our vacuum stills with a solvent like ethanol.  First you do an extraction in a wash vessel and then the oil laden ethanol from that extraction is pumped into the reclamation vacuum still.  You pull -29.5 inHg and distill at around 80F.  The ethanol is reclaimed for future use and the oil is left in the still pot and drained.  This makes the very best oil.  It is cleaner and a much lighter color because it was distilled at lower temps. 

We primarily sell these systems to hemp to CBD processors.  For Hemp to CBD processing we include equipment to winterize and remove lipids, waxes, chlorophyll and THC.  Our CBD oil is very high quality and only contains CBD, CBG, CBN and terpenes.   These are all cannibanoids.  We also have lab equipment to create CBD isolate. Winterizing and removal of waxes lipids and chlorophyll is normally done at the point of extraction but our equipment does it post extraction so our process costs a great deal less than the processes and equipment sold by our competitors.  Our 8 gallon system will process 40 lbs of hemp into 4 to 6 lbs of high grade CBD oil per day.  The still is capable of doing a run in 65 minutes. The complete set of 8 gallon equipment including the chiller wash vessel, winterizing vessels and everything costs less than $20,000.00  Hi quality bulk CBD oil brings $10.00 per gram.  You can do the math.  The equipment pays for itself the first day.  I don't know of anything more profitable than processing CBD to hemp.  The 8 gallon system is the smallest we have.  We have sold hemp to CBD processing systems that will do 5,000 lbs of hemp per day.