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Distilling ginger beer

I am after some help with the amount of sugar to add.

But firstly, I am brewing 600 litres of (almost) non-alcoholic ginger beer. It is for a food and drink festival to mix with my newmake rye as a cocktail.

I have no idea how mugh ginger beer I will need but I think 600 litres will be way too much. If I have too much left over I might add some more sugar and start the fermentation off again to produce some alcohol.

I plan to run it through my still to make some spirit, guess it would be a ginger RUM because of the cane sugar.

The question is, how much sugar per 100 litres should I add to the leftovers?

Also does anyone see any problems with this idea?


Have wanted to do that for a while. Please let me know how it comes out? As to the sugar addition depending on what type of still you are using you will have more options. For a pot I personally would treat it like wine and get it up to +/- 10% abv. I know this doesn't answer your question directly but hope it helps.


I do know a guy here locally that swears by fermenting/distilling ginger beer for addition to a Moscow Mule cocktail. I have never tried it because every time he makes it, it is gone before I can get over there!

Good luck.


I do have quite a bit of G beer left after the festival so I am about to wind up the ABV

It has been suggested to add 17grams sugar per litre per 1%

Does this sound correct? If it is, then my original recipe had more alcohol than I thought!

I would like to get it over 12% then double distil it in my alembic pot still.

Thanks for any help


Ps I got a PM from Ned about our bush fires in Tasmania, so far all is well with my family and our homes, but not so lucky for many others