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Distilled soybeans

Well here's one that I don't think has been talked about, distilling a soybean mash. Haven't tried it yet, plan on doing so shortly as I have a local farmer/liquor store owner who would like to have me make something in that realm for him. I've only done grain and rum, so my assessment is to base it off of the starch/sugar content of corn. My understanding is that ballpark starch for corn is 60%, and in my research for soybeans it's 30% starch & 7% sugar. So, first of all, would that mean that I base my ratio of soybeans in the the mash off that figure or does anyone out there know something different? Also, would I just make it like a corn mash and cook it, then add some malt and/or enzymes to convert any of the starch? If no one has any knowledge/experience on this I'll be trying a small batch within the next month and post my findings. Not sure what the hay the feds will make me call it, probably "spirits distilled from soy and whatever else I put in there." I wouldn't make it a vodka, just some interesting soy spirit and see what it'd taste like.


Interesting project. Maybe it will have a Soju taste.


Call the guys that make this:


all I can say is I tried "malting" soybeans and that was a massive failure