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Distillate from High Fructose Corn Syrup

Has anyone considered using High Fructose Corn Syrup for neutral spirits. We are looking at offering a line of Flavored products such as "Cinnamon Shine" or Blackberry Shine".

Don't think this stuff is good for anything else, once fermented and distilled off would it not make a clean spirit with no milling?


I've spoken with some folks who have tried this, resulting product has a sort of tequila flavor to it.

I'm sure if rectified to high enough level it would make decent neutral.



The corn belt is a dry hole, the drought has ruined the corn harvest. It's gonna cost us all, especially me since I'm about to go live. I'm not sure what you mean by

" once fermented and distilled off would it not make a clean spirit with no milling? "


i'm fermenting a small batch right now...with no luck at the moment.


We currently have a small batch fermenting, it is not as vigurous as a straight sugar wash. We are looking at HFCS to elimate the need for handling and milling grains, and dealing with the left overs once distilled.

Just curious if anyone else had tried or even considered this before. I don't want to try and re-create the wheel. I appreciate the input.


Humans can barely metabolize the stuff, I'd keep my yeast away from it. This conversation may be the start of the yeast obesity epidemic.


I know I'm playing thread necromancer here, reviving a 3 year old thread...but...

The "feedstock" blurb on a Vodka label, ie, "made from grain", "made from potatoes" the case of Corn Syrup, what would that blurb have to say in accordance with TTB directives?

I know of several ethanol producers in Illinois, they make HFCS at the same location, different building.

Could the bottle of vodka still state "made from grain" or "made from corn"?


Great question.....

I would say yes... made from grain.

one could say that same about molasses or granular sugar right?? it is all sugar cane.

So the base of your product would be corn. Because with out it you would not have HFCS.