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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Disposal of spent molasses

I know this has been posted in many different forms but I haven't seen an answer to how people are disposing of their used molasses with out access to sewer. What are those of you who are distilling on farms and rural areas doing with your spent washes? Has anyone found of a cheap way to truck your sewage out?

Sorry for bringing this up again. Its seems all the historic buildings in town all have wood floors and the newer buildings all have septic systems....Can't win;)



What kind of molasses are we talking about?

Depending on the grade, the mineral content is an issue. It can be blended with whiskey stillage if you're making that, too. It can also be used as fertilizer, but, again, the salts are a serious issue.

Setting that aside, all the large scale plants I know of use complicated (and expensive) treatment lagoons of one type or another....or dry it, blend it, and sell it as feed.