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Disposal of grain in spent wash

We are planning on using the grain in technique with grain ground to near flour size. What can be done with the spent wash after distillation? Seems like a lot of water and grain to simply run into drain. Does anyone have any issues with disposal? Any potential revenue?



Any ranchers around? Many will gladly take totes of liquid grain stillage. I'd be careful just dumping it down the drain. BOD is through the roof and if public works catches you you could be in for a hefty fine.


Who supplies the totes? Do the ranchers bring empty totes back for refills? Any ideas on finding/advertising this?


Pick up a few used IBCs. Rancher can return with he picks up the next. That's my plan. I'm not even open yet and a couple ranchers have already approached me about stillage. If there's a local paper, a classified posting would be a good place to start, or pay your nearest pig / cattle farm a visit in person and introduce yourself.


At least here in Indianapolis the sewer utility explicitly forbids dumping grain to the sewer. In the section on restrictions (bolding added by me):



I do the same thing.  I picked up some used totes on craigs and just pump my spent wash into it.  Each run is around 250 gallons, after settling for a day we pump off the excess liquid.  Final weight is around 2000lbs.  I call one of several local farmers who come in a dually pickup and we use our forklift to place it in the bed.  The farmer brings the empty IBC back either the next day or when he comes for another load.  He says his chickens, pigs etc love the stuff.  When I placed the ad in craigs list I had dozens of calls about it.

If needed my local sewer dept has no issue with me sending it down the drain but they also have a new waste water plant.  Check with them first before you do it.


Thanks for all the replies, it really helps with setup.