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de-watering spent grains

I thought I saw something on this topic a while back but I cant seem to find it so Ill ask the question,

Is there a simple device that will allow you to de-water grains before fermentation?   I don't have pumps that will handle large amounts of solids so I mash and lauter wheat for my vodka.  I Mash wheat and there is always a good amount of wort left in the grain when I shovel it out but even if i leave it to drain overnight it seems like I am leaving extra wort behind.   It may not be worth the trouble but if a vacuum press or other simple device would work it might be worth the effort to collect that wort.      

What are your thoughts on this?   My mash tun is 7HL so there is only a few hundred pounds of wheat to process in a mash.

Thanks for your help and insights.







I have mash pumps for grain in mashes that cost less than the devices that can be used to separate the liquids from the solids and you won't be throwing out ethanol with the solids.  [email protected]


Screw Press - About $5G-


where are you from i might have an idea for you


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