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Creating a coconut cream liqueur

Hey everyone, 

I have a product that I am hoping to bring to the commercial world, but Im having shelf stability issues. I need assistance in making this coconut rum liqueur shelf stable without needing refrigeration for obvious reasons. Does anyone have experience with cream and making it shelf stable for a product? Or using homogenized cream for mixing etc.


You need to buy a commercial cream base to use in your formula.  Or just get a whole bunch of Rumchata, toss some extra alcohol in there, and rebottle it at twice the're rich!

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Thank you guys! I will be making a coquit product unfortunately it is at the home made stage right now but the shelf stability and separation is a huge problem. Ive looked into mono dyglicerides, and soon will be trying homogenized cream. Ill check out all your answers and find what fits for us. 


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