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Jun 08, 2022 View:

cooling mash with ground water

I have 56 degree water stored in tanks from wells. How much water at 56 degrees will I use through a 200 ft. tube in tube mash cooler to cool 1000 gallons of mash from 200 degrees to 80 degrees.? And what is the optimum speed to run it?

Obviously there will be a couple of stops along the way, but for arguments sake is there anyone out there who can help me prove to my partner and myself that I have enough?

The heated water is going to go through heat exchangers to preheat boiler and mash water.



Oh yeah, the tanks are underground, so the temp never changes.


The type tube in tube exchanger I use, I generally use 30 GPM of recirculated chilled water for a 500 gal mash and it gets it done in less than 2 hrs.

Devils in the details as far as the heat exchanger design goes.

As far as the way I see it, your tank size will depend on how much makeup you are drawing from the well to fill the tank.

About as much as I can offer, hope it helps.