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Continous Still Education

As we grow I am looking harder at efficiencies.

Although most of my distilling is done via pot still I only have so much of a footprint to work with so a continous is looking more and more interesting.

Where can I learn about this?  What are my options? Is this even the way to go?



Small footprint, smaller heating cost, smaller cooling cost, use as stripping still then very economical.



@navenjohnson I recently spoke at the ADI Conference on continuous distillation. Id be happy to teach you all about it. Shoot me a PM and we'll connect.




I can put my head around using them for a stripping still but are people actually using them for a finishing still and if so, what or how do the cuts occur?

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@captnKB - did you do a presentation?  Something you might be able to share?


where are you located?

I have a facility in Washington state where you can see one of my continuous systems in action, and ask questions of the distiller running it.

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On 4/3/2019 at 11:52 PM, Aux Arc said:

The presentation I put together on continuous column distillation is focused on a comparison of the efficiency of batch distillation versus continuous distillation.

The discussion on the science of single pass continuous distillation (finished spirits) including the separation of heads / hearts  / tails is a much deeper discussion that my ppt only briefly touches on.

The file is to big to upload here if any one would like to see it send me an email [email protected] and Ill send you the presentation

Reply:On 4/5/2019 at 7:05 AM, Foreshot said:

I would be happy to talk about them as I build them of all sizes.