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consultant Needed

Hi.  My name is Ann and my daughter and I inherited a Distillery in Columbia County, NY.  The Distillery is 95% complete with a TTB license, but we did not apply for the NYS license (after receiving conditional approval) because the Distillery was not and still isn't ready to go online.  We haven't had any luck with finding a consultant to come in, see what we've got, and help us make the decision as to go ahead with distilling, or sell.  We own the land, building and stills and are in the heart of New York State's craft distilling area.  If you know of someone we can contact to guide us, we'd truly appreciate it!


You might reach out to CaptnKB.  


DM sent


I’m about an hour or so south.


I have a consultant who works up both breweries and distilleries that lives across the Hudson in downstate, NY.

Let me know your phone # if interested, and I'll give you his.

Good Luck!

Mike (Ex-Corningite -Steuben Co.)



I think he is in the County just South of you.

Reply:On 4/18/2020 at 7:17 PM, Columbia County Distillery said:

Thanks Ben.  Talk to you soon

Reply:On ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2020 at 12:45 PM, MG Thermal Consulting said:

Contact Michael Kyle at [email protected] He would be of great help to you 



I'd available if needed.  I own Schenectady Distilling Co. in NY and I also teach Craft Distilling at SUNY.  We have been licensed for almost 3 years now and have gone thru all the growing pains.  I am also not that far from you.  Give me a call or text.  518-225-3909  Thanks Ken Gibbons.