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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Cleaning up GNS

Hey guys,


What is the best way to eliminate the pungent corn smell in GNS? Redistillation?




If you're talking about fuel-grade ethanol, a simple redistillation won't take care of it. Talk to the folks at Still Dragon. They are putting together a system that will turn fuel-grade ethanol into USP beverage quality.

Reply:7 hours ago, Stumpy's said:

Dilute and carbon filter.

if it has a super strong corn smell, then its chocked full or corn oils which may just precipitate out when diluted, then can be scrubbed with carbon.


Redistillation will work to get the smell out. 


I've cut to 150 and charcoal filtered.   The corn flavor doesn't completely go away (not do I want it to) but it's definitely more palatable for most people.   I've also tried a few things like double charcoal filtering, and filtering at higher and lower proofs.   They all work about the same, but have subtle variations.