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Jun 08, 2022 View:

Carbon for filtration - weight to liquid ratio

Hello everyone,

Looking for some info on the ratio of carbon to liquid used in carbon filtration. I realize it may differ depending on the type of carbon used, but anything for a starting point would be helpful. Just trying to get a rough idea of the cost/batch and want to make sure I size my filter column correctly when i build it.

Anyone have a preference for a specific type of carbon? Coconut shell, stone, etc.? Any suppliers I should avoid?



Must be vegetable based, coconut is best. make sure its STEAM activated, and preferable acid washed. Most of the good stuff comes out of Fiji. We use 18 mesh in size, but you will need to trial, its a complex relationship between, dilution, flow rates and granule size. Fundamentally its all about 'time in contact' with the carbon.


What is it that you are filtering?