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Can Anyone Interpret This Spirit Analysis

I'm bulk purchasing Agave Spirit from a Mexican distillery. They sent me a sample of their product for the purchase of 8000L. The production is complete and they are ready to ship so they sent me this analysis:


Specs of Option A.

Agave Spirit.



Agave Spirt.


The product is done with Blue Agave plant and Sugar Cane Distillated and other sugars.


                Color:  Colorless

                Appearance: Crystalline

                Smell: Predominantly Agave

                Taste: Predominantly Agave

                Body: Light

Range of allowed Values.

                                                Min.                                                       Max.     

Alc. Vol.                                54                                                           55                           (mg/100ml A.A)

Superior Alcohols             98                                                           105                         (mg/100ml A.A)

Methanol                            50                                                           60                           (mg/100ml A.A)

Aldehydes                          1.5                                                          3                              (mg/100ml A.A)

Esters                                    4.5                                                          7                              (mg/100ml A.A)

Furfural                1                                                              2                              (mg/100ml A.A)


Place of Origin:

Jalisco, México.



Can anyone explain what these numbers mean? Are they in a good range for Agave Spirit (Tequila)? What would be ideal? 

I also noticed it's not 100% blue agave. I asked for 100%. Do these numbers give a hint on what percentage of agave is used?

Thanks for any help.



go there and taste it. see what is going on.....if you have had a good feeling from them already.

entire trip cost 1K..? for 8k liters of tequila? 

you are in the marketing business, not the distilling business. 


Mexico is very strict on what they export. If it's called Agave Spirit it is most likely either sugar cane neutral or grain neutral with less than 50% agave spirit mixed in with it.  Tequila is 100% agave, and you will have a harder and more expensive time obtaining it.

Reply:12 hours ago, MGL said:

There is nothing this is saying that you wouldn't be able to tell from just sampling it. 

Personally I would be more concerned about the lack of process information. The fact it has "other sugars" probably means the agave was a poor source and all this guys is doing is creating a commodity as cheaply as possible to make money. The questions I would ask are, "what plant species and how was the agave processed, how were the sugar canes processed, what other sugars (and processing went into it) how was it fermented?" But then again, I care about the production of spirits and not the profits from batting and selling. 

As @LaChascona said, you are in the business of marketing, not distilling. If it's cheap and tastes good enough to sell, then buy it. 


You can not import 100% tequila in to the USA unless it is bottled. The only way you can get tequila in the USA is with the 50/50 blend in bulk. Jose Cuervo is also a mixto, or a 50/50 blend.  Even if you bought 100 percent agave nectar and distilled it it would never be tequila because it didn't come from Mexico, it would be a agave spirit. Just like you can't make "Scotch", you make single malt.

Also, who cares what the test say. What does it taste like?? I get read outs like that all the time, it is Quality assurance. 

What are you trying to make..... think about it..... your tring to make $$$$$.......