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Breaking Down Inulin

I am looking for a source for an enzyme that will break down inulin into fructose. I have contacted Speciality Enzyme and, while they were helpful, they did not have exactly what I wanted. Does anyone have a source they use for inulase?



Creative Enzymes maybe? Their named seemed to pop up pretty often when I was looking for some atypical enzymes.


According to a publication I've read, Dupont used to produce an enzyme which converted inulin to fructose.

You might try contacting them.

I am just curious, if you have a boiler (for your still), why not try to steam/pressure roast the agave in some way? Do you think that would cost more than ordering a specialty enzyme?


This is the only one I am aware of (I doubt they are the only ones though). They are in Germany and I remember their shipping rates being very high for the UK, so might be prohibitively expensive to ship to the US. The enzyme is commonly used in the Black Forest area to produce a spirit from Jerusalem artichoke (topinambur). What is your substrate?


We are trying to convert inulin to fructose from the Jerusalem artichoke. Creative enzyme produces some that must be lab grade because it is extremely expensive. Do you have a supplier in Germany Spirited Consultant?

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Really sorry for the very late reply. Thought I had posted this in my original comment:
The price I got back in March was €13.05 per 100ml, excluding tax. I was only interested in some test batches at the time, but I'm sure the unit price drops significantly with bulk orders.
I have some literature on inulin hydrolysis that I can send you if you would like. I've been meaning to do more tests on Jerusalem artichoke recipes, but haven't gotten around to it. Shoot me an email if you want the docs or just want to chat about the process.



Has anyone found any more information on the artichoke  as in above thread?

My Nephew has a lot of artichokes that he cannot sell because of their rough shape. I would like to have a crack at making some vodka from them.

I imagine it is not much different from vodka from potatoes!!