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Books that helped you reach the next level

Is anyone interested in sharing the reference texts/resources that have helped you along the way? What book do you keep turning to when you feel stumped? What book was recommended to you by a friend/colleague/mentor that you can't seem to live without as a distiller/brewer? If you could travel back to when you first began fermenting/distilling, what reference texts would you choose to give to your younger self?



I bought a hardcopy of CFR 27 from the TTB and I still refer to it weekly ... Reads like stereo instructions , but you really need to know everything in there .....


Hubert Germain-Robin Traditional distilling - Pot Still operation, appliable to every feed stock ingredient

Whiskey - Technology, production, and marketing - good for most things but specifically whiskey production and barrel management and blending

Ethanol Handbook - good for rum and yeast, typical issues, just about anything, including column stills.

tastylimedistiller website. random stuff for every genre


Great suggestions guys. I started with The Complete Distiller many years ago, super helpful for getting the gist of things. I might as well order the CFR and get cozy with it too. Whiskey - T,P & M has been suggested before, looks like that will get ordered.

Anyone else have suggestions?



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