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Jun 08, 2022 View:

bluefield Wv Interested In Opening Distillery And Discussing Future Business Opportunities

My name is Cecil Marson I am the city manager in Bluefield, WV our city is very interested in partnering with a business partner to open a distillery in our city. We have a very business friendly environment and investors interested in building a brand  that highlights the great people and traditions of southern West Virginia that can become a staple of our community that becomes well known across the country. Very much look forward to discussing with you the opportunities we have here and show you some of our facilities to make your business a success.  This endeavor will be bigger than just a successful business but will help revitalize and provide you the opportunity to change lives.


My email is [email protected]


I often work with the lead designers/engineers/architects on the cooling system design for distilleries.

There are designers here on the Forums that can help you out, I am sure.

Mike Gronski





Thank you for reaching out to me. I will touch base with you.