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Anti-Foam Alternatives

Hey Everyone,

We have been using a dimethylpolysiloxane based anti-foaming agent in our mashes to prevent the fermenters from foaming over since we opened. We are also going through our the organic certification process right now (I will save my thoughts on that whole mess for another thread) and the certifying body is having a problem authorizing our anti-foam as a processing aid.

Does anyone have any experience or know of any other product that can be used for anti-foam suitable for distilleries? I can't seem to find any that pass of the approved solutions that are also consumable.


Appreciate the help.


Magrabar makes an organic antifoam 


We have used it for years.


For anti-foam in my still I use pure soap. I know it is pure because a neighbour makes it for me from only olive oil and sodium hydroxide (lye)

"Pure soap" in our local supermarkets has quite a list of additives.

despite doing rye ferments I don't have fermenter foam problems except occasionally with 100% malted barley. I have tried soap on a couple of barley ferments and it appears to work, but I have not tested enough to be certain. But I am sure pure soap would be an acceptable organic.


Patcote 376.  Really great stuff.


If you are being certified organic, the material used has to also be certified organic by the manufacturer. I don't think Patcote 376 is, and I don't think Hydrite has any others that are. Magrabar 3000 is registered and certified organic. Something made by your neighbor won't work, but true if you make it yourself in your certified organic shop, using certified organic precursors, that should work, too. In any case, we use the 3000 product. A bit pricey, but effective so we don't go through that much of it.

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olive oil works in a pinch. Not as good as fermcap but will still help


I recently inquired with Hydrite about organic de-foamers. Below info is from email I recieved.

Here are the specs for the 2 organic  defoamers. They both are 100% active – no silicone.

    ORG 20 - designed for the organic food processing market.  This product is made to the highest standards and is fortified with an organic wax that affords better performance at higher temperatures (>160oF).
    ORG 40 - is also an Organic Certified foam control agent designed for the organic food processing market.  This product is made to the highest standards and is fortified with an organic wax that affords efficient foam control across broad operational parameters.  The product exemplifies itself in high starch systems versus the competitive products on the market.  Suppressor ORG 40 is limited by the FDA to a 500 ppm on the final food product.

Karleen Rivenburgh  | Account Sales Representative
2545 Bond St.
University Park IL 60484

C: 815-540-1617
[email protected]


Thanks everyone this has been huge. They approved the Magrabar in case anyone is looking!

Reply:52 minutes ago, McClintockDistilling said:

I didn't but I will be sure to give you a shout-out next time I talk to them. Thanks again for the help bluestar, we appreciate it.



I have been using coconut oil successfully, though nothing large scale.


Olive oil.


+1 on the Cert Org coconut oil. A few tablespoons on 150 gallons works fine.