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Aging bourbon in a 15 gallon char 3 barrel

I have read a variety of different threads on aging, barrel size, patience, etc.. I understand.

I am hoping to find a few people to share their experiences with testing along the way in 15 gallon barrels. When was it starting to taste good? Did it start to get bitter? Did it go from not that good after 6 months but then got better ?  Anyone pull their bourbon before 6-7 moths?  Looking for a few real world tales of people who have gone before me. Thank you for your time.


We use a lot of 15 gallon barrels and our typical time in barrel is about 18 months. After a year its decent but gets much better after 15 to 16 months and we have been pulling most around the 18 month time period. Weather and what proof you put in may have an effect.


We find that with real narrow hearts cuts we get a very nice whiskey in a little over a year.  For those that we have run a little longer off the still then 18+ months is what we like.  We have a few that are 2+ years and continue to progress nicely.  Generally speaking ours are in the barrel around 110-proof and the barrels are in the building with us at room temperature.


Would either of you be willing to share thoughts and experiences in email, or phone?  Tim [email protected]


We used 15 gallon barrels for our bourbon. We dumped the first bottling at 2 years. the bourbon won a bronze medal at the San Diego spirits festival, and a gold medal at the '15 ACSA conference.  Each bottling after that had aged longer until the last 15 gallon barrels we dumped were 3 years old. We felt like it got better.