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The structure of firebox in brewhouse

The structure of firebox in brewhouse

In general, there are three heating ways for brewhouse, direct fire, electric and steam heating. When you choose direct heating, the firebox will become an important part for brewhouse. Good firebox is able to resist high temperature well. So, our firebox is designed to 4 layers.

From outside to inside:
1.The first layer is 2mm exterior shell;
2.The second layer is 80mm insulation, perlite or fireclay. The weight of perliter is lower than fireclay, like the foam, so it is always more popular. Although the fireclay is a little heavy, its affect is very remarkable, which can keep the temperature unchanged for a long time and save the energy.
3. The third layer is 4mm carbon steel. Why do we choose carbon steel instead of stainless steel? As we all know, the hardness of carbon steel is better than stainless steel, so it is not easier to soften and deform under the high temperature.
4.The forth layer is refractory cement. The fire would heat refractory cement rather than the carbon steel directly, to some degree, it can improve further the performance of resisting high temperature for firebox.

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