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The propagation and growing of yeast

The propagation and growing of yeast

Yeast propagation and growing can divide six stages:

The stage also called initial stage, it’s the activation process of metabolsation. The stage with big fluctuation. Mainly depends on the style of organism, cultivate generations and conditions etc, Once the cell start separating, which means the stage is finished.

2)Accelerated phase
The stage immediate the adjustment, separate speed become faster.

3)Growth period
In this stage, the cell reproduction by logarithmic, the speed is biggest and stable. With shortest time can produce new generation. Usually the generation time is 90-120 min in good condition.

4)Decelerating period
Due to many factors for example substrate reduction and the metabolite increased can inhibit growth. In growth period has certain time limit, then the growth rate become lower.

5)Stable period
The stage has stable quantity of microorganisms. The quantity of new cell equals death cell.

6)Death period
In this stage, the quantity of death cell is higher than new cell and the quantity is lower.

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