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Compare 2 kinds of steam condenser

Compare 2 kinds of steam condenser

For nanobrewery or microbrewery, there are 2 main ways of steam draining.

First classic type is steam vent by steam condenser with spray nozzles.
Boiling the wort in kettle, then steam is generated at that time. The steam goes through steam condenser. There is one or more spray nozzle on steam condenser which sprays cold water when steam goes through.
The cold water will make steam become water, and then drain out to bucket or sewer.
For large system such as 3000l, the steam can be recycled and reused.

Other type is steam condenser with water recycling tank and pump.
Steam condenser makes steam into water, and then goes into the small tank to be recycled. A pump will extract water into spray nozzles, then spray again to make steam become water.
But generally, the recycling tank applies to small capacity, for example 100l brewing system. According customers’ feedback, for microbrewery, for example 1000liter brewery system, too much steam will make recycling tank full and become hot in short time. It doesn’t have a good condensation result.  Which kind of steam condenser do you like?

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