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The specific advantages of the bag-in-tank have led to it being increasingly adopted by microbreweries and brewpubs. This popularity is partly due to the fact that the beer retains its flavour longer after being connected to the beer taps, (many major breweries guarantee up to 12 weeks!), making it ideal for the specialty beers that often have somewhat lower turnover. This is because no extra CO2 needs to be added to the beer, and the beer is kept at a constant temperature and pressure; these factors significantly help preserve the quality of the beer and increase customers’ enjoyment of the flavor.

Benefits of the Bag-in-Tank System 
1.No need to add CO2 to the beer:
2. CO2 concentration in the beer can be optimised for flavor.
3. Over-saturation of CO2 in the beer no longer possible
4. Save on CO2 cylinders.
5. No more splattering from the beer tap when the tank is empty (caused by accumulation of CO2 in the beer line).
6. Easy to switch to the next tank, and immediately continue serving beer.
7. Reduces costs because polished tanks are not required.
Cleaning tanks is really simple (just rinse with water), and can be carried out on-site.
8. Sharply priced / easy cleaning: 
The interiors of the tanks do not need to be hygienically polished, so they are much less expensive. And because the beer only comes into contact with the recyclable bags, it is much simpler and cheaper to clean the tank.

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