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How to reduce water consumption in wheat making

Water for malting is mainly concentrated in the soaking process, including barley pre soaking, washing, soaking, hydraulic conveying to germination, as well as spraying water, air conditioning water and washing water for germination process. The domestic water consumption for malting is generally 18 ~ 22m3 / t dry malt, while the international advanced level has reached 2.5 ~ 5M3 / t dry malt. The reason why there is such a big gap between domestic and foreign water consumption for wheat making is mainly caused by the great differences in technical level, management level and recycling measures. To reduce the water consumption for wheat making, it is necessary to improve the management level of wheat making technology and its operation process and implement the recycling measures. The specific measures are as follows.

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① The barley used should be clean and clean with less impurities.
② Before entering the production process, it is required to remove all kinds of impurities, grains and dust on the surface of wheat grains, so as to reduce the water for wheat washing.
③ If conditions permit, manufacturers can adopt barley "dry cleaning" technology to reduce water consumption.
④ Spray (FOG) soaking with CO2 can make barley absorb water and oxygen with less water, so as to promote barley germination as soon as possible.
⑤ When the wheat soaking method is adopted, the last 1-2 times of wheat soaking water can be recycled, and a water storage tank can be installed to collect the wheat soaking water as the next pre soaking water and wheat washing water.
⑥ The water for wheat dropping is collected and utilized by hydraulic flow, and a water storage tank is installed at the drainage pipe of the germination tank to recover the water for wheat washing or soaking.
⑦ If possible, the bottled water in the filling workshop can be recycled as wheat soaking water.
⑧ The manufacturers with strong technical strength can adopt the technology of reducing the steepness of wheat under the premise of ensuring the solubility to save water.
Through the above measures can achieve the purpose of reducing the water consumption of wheat.

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