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May 30, 2022 View:

Zhang Yu establishes partnership with Italian wine importer Megalie Group

Recently, Zhang Yu and Meregalli Group, the largest importer of wine and spirits in Italy, have entered into a partnership to jointly promote the sales of Zhang Yu's Ningxia Mosel winery and Koya brandy in Italy.

Image courtesy of: Zhang Yu Wines

Founded in 1856, Megali Group is the number one importer of fine wines and spirits in Italy, with five subsidiaries in Paris, France and Lugano, Switzerland, and an annual turnover of about 100 million euros.

At the recent launch of Zhang Yu products in Monza, Italy, Corrado Mapelli, Chief Operating Officer of the Megali Group, said: "This partnership is undoubtedly a significant business for us, which is in line with our goal of offering the best wines from the most representative regions of the world to the market. This partnership expresses the desire of the Megali Group to constantly explore wines from different countries and regions, instead of focusing all its attention on the traditional wine producing countries.

It is understood that, as a historical wine producing country, Italy's share of imported wine only accounts for 2%, and very few brands can enter the Italian market for sale. This time, Zhang Yu products can enter Italy with the most high-quality importers, which fully reflects the international competitiveness of Zhang Yu products.

Image courtesy of: Zhang Yu Wines

Ross Mosel, chief winemaker of Ningxia Zhang Yu Mosel XV, said at the launch event: Italy is the most competitive and challenging market in the world, we are exploring a style of our own, our aim is not to compete with other quality wines in China, but to compete with the world"s iconic wine regions, so that more people can discover Chinese wines and fall in love with them.

In addition, the Milan daily Il Giorno reported in its article "Mercari Group opens its doors to Chinese wines" that 30 years ago, Mercari's opening of its doors to Chilean wines proved to be the right thing to do, and there has been a wide consensus from the wine critics to the consumers that Chilean wines are very popular. Today, we are convinced that the time is ripe to open our doors to Chinese wines, not on the basis of a leap in the dark, but on the basis of the tangible quality of its products.

Since its opening in 2013, the products have been exported to 38 countries, including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Canada, etc. Since its opening, Ningxia Zhangyu Chateau Mosel XV has entered the Royal Wine Merchants BBR, Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK, Selfridges, a century-old department store in London, Kaefer Tasty World in Munich, Canada The wine has also been successfully entered into Michelin restaurants such as VENDOME restaurant with three Michelin stars in Germany and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal restaurant with two Michelin stars in the UK, making it the Chinese winery wine with the most Michelin restaurants in the world.

In 2019, Ningxia Zhang Yu Chateau Mosel XV 2015 vintage won the Grand Gold (Grand Gold) at the Mundus Vini World Wine Competition and was named the best Chinese wine.