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May 30, 2022 View:

Winery Family Organization launches PFV Sustainable Family Awards

PRIMUM FAMILIAE VINI (PFV) is a multinational organization of 12 families operating wineries in Europe, with members in the leading wine and palm regions of Europe.

Photo courtesy of: First Winery Family Organization

Today, Château de la Ville announces the launch of the PFV Sustainable Families Award, an annual prize of up to 100,000 euros (€1,000,000) for outstanding family businesses that promote sustainability, craftsmanship, innovation and entrepreneurial responsibility and commitment in any field for generations.

In addition to the prize money, the winner will be given the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the PfV 12 families. These long-established wineries have been through many challenges and have gained a wealth of experience in overcoming them, which other operators can learn from.

According to Marc Perrin, the current president of PFV, "The members of ppy First Families believe that family businesses are the cornerstone of local and national economies. According to Marc Perrin, current president of PFV, "The members of the First Families of Phi believe that family businesses are the cornerstone of local and national economies. The most distinguished family businesses have an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. In a world of increasing globalization and frustrating uniformity, family businesses remain committed to traditional values and social responsibility, representing the more human side of a free economy.

We are launching this award at a time when the world is in crisis due to Newcastle pneumonia, highlighting the advantages of a family business model that focuses on long-term growth and foresight. We have an inherent optimism that the future can be bright if we uphold the right values.

The 12 members of the P FV are all members of a family that has been in business for generations and is a world-renowned Grand Cru, the face of a family rooted in local and artisanal traditions. For generations, they have dedicated their lives to the production of great wines and have spared no effort to protect and promote the economic and social development of the wine regions in which their wineries are located. Today, Château I has decided to encourage other family businesses to continue to develop independently, demonstrating that the family business model is better able to meet current social and environmental challenges.

Candidates for the 2020 PFV Sustainable Family Award must apply at www.thepfvp m between July 1 and October 30, 2020.

The five finalists will be announced in January 2021 and the final winner of the P FV Awards will be announced in March 2021.

The finalists and winners of the PFV Renewable Family Awards will be selected by a rigorous selection committee. The jury is composed of representatives from each of the 12 PFV families, as follows.

Priscilla lncisa Della R, chetta - Sisigia, Italy - founded in 1840

Albiera Antin - Antinori, Italy - founded in 1385

Eg,sn M U ller - Château Imou, Germany - founded in 1797

Prince Robert lf Luxembourg - Clansdillon, France - founded in 1935 Marc Perrin - Perrin family, France - founded in 1909

Paul Syming fears m Simmington Family Winery, Portugal - founded in 1882

Fr e d e ric Drouhin - Chateau Joseph Duchene, France - founded in 1880 Miguel T, rres Maczassek - Chateau Torres, Spain - founded in 1870

Pabks Alvarez - Vega Cecilia, Spain - founded in 1864

Philippe Sereys de R,, thschil land Baron Rothschild family of France - founded in 1853

Hubert de Billy - France - founded in 1849

The PFV Awards Selection Committee will be assisted in its task by PFV Secretary General Chrystalophe Brunet.