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May 30, 2022 View:

WineGB UK announces the first wineries to be awarded sustainability

As part of the UK's sustainable wine certification process, wine industry body WineGB has announced the first 12 wine producers to be certified as sustainable.

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The scheme, published last month, is based on a set of guiding principles developed by the UK Sustainable Wine Certification, which details best practices, sets minimum standards and lists prohibited practices.

The certification process centers on an annual self-assessment, which is checked and verified every three years by Ricardo, an independent auditor and environmental consultant.

These goals include soil conservation, environmental protection, promotion of biodiversity, minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers, sustainable water use, prevention of waterway pollution, and reduction of energy use and carbon footprint.

The first 12 wine producers to receive sustainability certification include: Albury Vineyard (Surrey), Camel Valley (Cornwall), Chilworth Manor Vineyard (Surrey), Defined Wine (Kent), Easing Hill Vineyard (Worcestershire), Grange Estate Vineyard (Hampshire), High Clandon Estate (Surrey), Hush Heath Estate (Kent), Nyetimber Vineyard (Sussex) , Three Choirs Vineyard Winery (Gloucestershire), Venn Valley Vineyard (Devon) and Yotes Court Vineyard (Kent).

Other wine producers are also undergoing an audit process and will soon be certified as sustainable, according to a statement.