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May 30, 2022 View:

Wine critic Jessie Robinson reviews Ningxia Zhang Yu Chateau Mosel XV Purple Qi

Recently, world-renowned wine critic Jess Robinson published an op-ed in the Financial Times, "Would you pay £200 for a bottle of Chinese wine", in which she reviewed three Chinese wines she tasted on the same day, including a review of the 2016 Ziyi Donglai from Ningxia's Chateau Zhang Yu Mosel XV: very balanced, sweet and pleasant. The tannins are fine, the texture is excellent, and the aftertaste is appetizing.

Image from: China News Network

It is understood that Purple Qi Dong Lai is the flagship version of Ningxia Zhang Yu Chateau Mosel XV. 2016 is the first winemaking vintage, with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon selected and aged for 24 months in five different brands of French oak barrels, with only 6,300 bottles produced.

Jessie Robinson holds the title of Master of Wine (MW), is a consultant on wine selection at the Royal Cellars of Buckingham Palace, has been awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE), and is the author of such influential books as The Oxford Dictionary of Wine, The World Wine Map, Wine Grapes, and How to Taste Wine, and is known as the first lady of wine criticism. In the eighth edition of The World Wine Map (co-authored with Hugh Johnson), published last year, a photo of the main building of Ningxia"s Chateau Zhang Yu Mosel XV was chosen for the China appellation, which seems to be a symbol of the rapid rise of China's wine industry.