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May 30, 2022 View:

Wine cork giant Vinventions plans to recycle all corks

Wine cork giant Vinventions now has a new development goal: to have all corks 100% renewable, biodegradable or recyclable by 2030. The company has been moving in a sustainable direction since 1999 to the present.

Image from: China Wine Information Network

By 2030, all Vinventions corks must be 100% renewable, biodegradable or recyclable. This is a commitment made by the corks giant in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Today, Vininventions corks are used in one out of every seven bottles of wine worldwide. Their Nomacor bio stopper (Nomacorc) is made from recyclable plant material. Other products include Syntek polymer corks (Syntek), Ohlinger cork corks (Ohlinger), Alplasti screw caps (Alplasti) and Vintop screw caps (Vintop).

For many years, Vinventions has put respect for nature at the forefront of its efforts to improve the sustainability of its products, and in 1999, for the first time, produced Norma Tech corks. Thanks to scientific research, Vinventions has been able to offer corks with consistency and without the presence of trichloroanisole (TCA), the substance that causes the corky taste of wine.

In 2008, they started to study their carbon footprint, realizing the importance of total corporate sustainability, and in 2013, they launched a complete Nomaco Green product line using renewable raw materials, carbon neutrality and a complete set of wine oxygen management tools. Since 2015 they are involved in important international partnership recycling initiatives, following the principles of circular economy, such as Eataly already practiced in Italy.

Antonino La Placa, Commercial Director of Vinventions Italy, explains: We are working on innovative and recyclable solutions for raw materials to improve the environmental image of our products and to help wines become more sustainable. Since 1999 we have been offering innovative solutions to the market and we are proud of these studies. We are sincerely committed to making Vinventions a leader in sustainability from now until 2030.