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May 30, 2022 View:

Wine becomes most popular online drink for Brits

Wine has become the most popular drink purchased online during the UK's new crown pneumonia pandemic. According to the CGA study, more than half (53%) of consumers have purchased wine online, twice as many as have purchased lager (26%) and gin (24%).

Image from: China Wine Information Network

The Future of E-Commerce Report found that soft drinks accounted for 21% of the top five most popular beverages on the e-commerce list, and craft beer accounted for 20%. In addition, the study shows that online alcohol sales are being driven by older adults. In December 2020, more than a quarter of consumers in the ready-to-drink channel had purchased alcoholic beverages online, up 3% since August. Of these, three in ten (30%) had never purchased alcoholic beverages online prior to the pandemic, suggesting a wave of online purchases developed during the epidemic lockdown.

The report also found that nearly half (46%) of consumers consume alcohol outside the home at least once a week whenever conditions permit, 13% higher than the national average (33%). And nearly three-quarters (72%) of consumers continue to purchase alcoholic beverages online after their last blockade ends. In addition, two-thirds (66%) of online wine consumers say they are likely to continue buying wine online in the future.

Hannah Payne, CGA consumer research manager, said: online beverage category sales will also see strong growth years even if bars and restaurants reopen after the great e-commerce development in 2020.

The study also shows the growing popularity of delivery services for alcoholic beverages, with more than a quarter (27%) of online consumers choosing such services. While still dominated by large retailers and well-known brands, the rapid rise of specialty sites and delivery services suggests there is plenty of room for growth in this area, Payne said. It is important for retailers and suppliers to understand their audiences, take advantage of special offers, and encourage experimentation with higher-priced products, all of which are important strategies.