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May 30, 2022 View:

Wine and fruit are Chile's most internationally recognized products

The National Image Foundation of Chile (Imagen de Chile) recently conducted a survey of 1,200 respondents in 12 prominent cities around the world to understand their perceptions of Chile's representative products and their attributes and strengths. The results show that wine and fruit are the most recognized Chilean products in the international arena.

Image from: South American Diaspora News Network

The Chilean newspaper El Mercurio reported on June 7 that the Chilean National Image Foundation said the survey will be part of their series of monthly surveys aimed at promoting the country"s identity and international reputation. The survey was conducted with the assistance of Ipsos, and the 12 cities surveyed were Shanghai, Sao Paulo, New York, Washington, Ontario, Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, New Delhi and Tokyo.

The results show that wine and fruit are Chile's most internationally recognized products, with 52% and 37% of respondents saying so, respectively, followed by copper (25%) and fish and seafood (23%).

With the exception of Paris and Madrid, the most cited product attribute by respondents in the remaining cities was quality, with 58% citing the quality of Chilean exports as good, followed by low price (31%), artisanal products (25%), diversity (19%) and sustainability (17%).

Constanza Cea, executive director of the Chilean National Image Foundation, said: "It's good news for Chile and for the national brand we want to establish internationally that (products) are associated with quality, which shows that Chilean products are recognized.

Cea added: As the guardian of the Chilean brand, we have been focused on continuing to add value to the brand abroad and making people more comfortable with products from Chile, thus contributing to the country's progress and economic recovery.