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May 30, 2022 View:

Wine Scholars Association launches Italian foundation course

The Association of Wine Scholars has recently expanded its educational offerings to provide a basic course for those who want to learn about the Italian wine industry.

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The course, called the Preparatory Course for Italian Wine Scholars, will be officially launched on November 2 and will provide consumers and aspiring professionals with an overview of the history of Italian viticulture.

This program covers 39 of Italy"s most famous wines and regions, such as Chianti, Prosecco, Piedmont, etc. It is positioned to give students sufficient knowledge and understanding to participate in the Italian Wine Scholars program, which is usually aimed at students who have received a specific standard certificate from another institution (such as the Wine and Spirits Education Trust Agency).

Early next year, a basic Spanish wine course will also be launched, and later in the year, a similar course on French wines will be launched.

Julien Camus, president of the Wine Scholars Association, said we saw the need for a basic course focusing on Italian wines and began developing a preparatory course for Italian wine scholars more than a year ago.

Due to the global pneumonia outbreak, this course will be taught online, organized by Andrea Eby, co-author of the Italian Wine Scholars Preparatory Course, director of the Italian Wine Program of the Association of Wine Scholars.

Classroom instruction will be delivered by a network of course providers from more than 90 schools in 30 countries.