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May 30, 2022 View:

Wine Scholars Association announces new ambassador for Asia

The educational institution Wine Scholars Association has appointed Corinne Mui as its ambassador for Asia to lead the development of the association's programs in the region.

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To support the rapid growth of the Association of Wine Scholars in Asia, the Association is pleased to announce that Corinne Mui will be the Association"s ambassador for Asia.

Based in Hong Kong, Corinne Mui has 15 years of experience in wine education in Asia. As the former COO of the Asia Sommelier & Education Centre and the first course provider of the Association of Wine Scholars in Asia, Mui has been a pioneer in introducing the Association of Wine Scholars courses to Hong Kong and mainland China since 2013.

As COO and instructor, Corinne has been a member of the Wine Scholars Association family for many years. She has a comprehensive understanding of the Wine Scholars Association curriculum and embodies the core values of the Wine Scholars Association: inclusiveness, student-centeredness, and academic rigor.

Corinne Mui's familiarity with wine education in Asia will be invaluable in expanding the reach of the Wine Scholars Association's programs and supporting our existing program provider business in the region," said Julien Camus, founder and president of the Wine Scholars Association.

Mui says: "Asians are looking for a very specialized and more in-depth wine education, and that's exactly what the Wine Scholars Association program can provide. As an ambassador for the Association of Wine Scholars, I am excited to take on this exciting new challenge and I really want to bring first-class wine education to the Asian region.