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May 30, 2022 View:

Welsh vineyard listed for sale at £825,000

Cwm Deri Vineyard in Pembrokeshire, Wales, which produces around 30,000 bottles of wine a year, was recently put on the market for sale at a guide price of £825,000.

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The sale was listed through Country Living Group and included a total of 25 acres of land, winery and bottling room, a detached three-bedroom bungalow, restaurant and cafe, vacation rental and RV.

The Cwm Deri vineyard itself is planted with 3,000 vines and the grape varieties include Angevin, Cheval Blanc, Rondeau and Muscat de Alsace.

The wines from this vineyard are made on site in a warehouse that houses the winery and bottling room. the cellar operations of Cwm Deri Vineyards are also included in the deal, which includes a 60-seat restaurant and café with an outdoor terrace area.

Cwm Deri Vineyard was planted in the late 1990"s and early 1991 and overlooks the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The current owner of this vineyard has been managing the winery since 2004.

In addition to the vineyard, Cwm Deri has a greenhouse, two vegetable gardens, orchard and vegetable garden. Its products, including wines, liqueurs and meadows, are sold in its stores, markets and at food festivals throughout Wales.