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May 30, 2022 View:

WSET Asia Pacific Launches Scholarship Fund Program

WSET Asia Pacific Ltd (WSET Asia Pacific), the Asia Pacific arm of The Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSEIT), today launched a bursary to provide WSET courses to students in the Asia Pacific region who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

Image from: WSET-China

The fund, established in partnership with companies, organizations and individual philanthropists in the Asia-Pacific region, will enable recipients to attend WSET Levels 1 to 3 courses where they can meet their needs.

The WSET Asia Pacific Student Grant aims to help at least 200 students in the region each year. If we can work with more partners, we will be able to support even more students. The number of students helped by the fund will be directly related to the amount of donations received.

The bursary is open to potential students in the Asia Pacific region who are of legal drinking age in their country or region, and who provide evidence of their need for training and financial hardship. Individuals interested in applying for a bursary are encouraged to visit the WSET Asia Pacific Bursary website to obtain an application form.

Ms. Jude Mullins, Managing Director of WSET Asia Pacific Ltd. said: "Our mission as a business is to provide education and training to inspire and empower those who work or want to work in the global alcoholic beverage industry in the future. Our new bursary will help us achieve our mission in today's challenging times and in the future by providing a wider range of pathways for students in the Asia Pacific region to gain WSET qualifications.

Ian Harris, WSET CEO, added: "The Asia Pacific region is one of the most important markets for the WSET, with over 33,000 students and over 150 course providers in the region over the past academic year. Many members of the Asia Pacific wine and beverage industry have joined the WSET family of students and instructors around the world. This bursary program is also part of our global diversity and inclusion program, helping to provide access to and entry into the industry by enabling more people to obtain our qualifications.