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May 30, 2022 View:

WOW World Wine Tourism Scene Porto Wine District to open on July 31, 2020

This summer, The World of Wine (WOW) opened for business.

After five years of construction, the €105 million WOW features six museums of cultural experiences, nine restaurants, bars and cafes, event spaces, temporary exhibition spaces, boutique stores and a wine school. Covering more than 55,000 square meters, WOW"s original wine cellars have been transformed into an emerging cultural center in the city of Porto, one of the largest tourism projects launched in Europe this year.

Designed around an open-air central plaza with views of Porto and the Douro River, WOW will offer a carefully designed, world-class travel experience for a diverse range of visitors.

The Cultural Experience section of WOW includes six museums: Wine Experience, History of Porto Culture, World of Cork, History of Wine Tools, Chocolate Story, and Fashion Fabrics. The Wine Experience unlocks the mystery of wine knowledge and guides visitors on a sensory exploration of the geography, climate, grape varieties and winemaking process of the region. The Cultural History of Porto introduces the history of Porto and brings the entire city, its terroir and culture into the vein of wine. Visitors will learn about cork through Cork World and explore this overlooked sustainable and innovative industry. Bridge Collection A 9,000-year history of wine tools tells the history of human drinking through the evolution of wine tools, and the chocolate story transports visitors to the wonderful world of cocoa and chocolate.

In the second half of 2020, WOW will open its sixth cultural experience, the Museum of Fashion and Textiles and the WOW Wine School. The Fashion and Fabric Museum will introduce visitors to the Portuguese textile, fashion and jewelry industries, and the WOW Wine School will offer single- or multi-day workshops on Portuguese wine and cuisine.

All six cultural experience programs feature educational, interactive displays and traditional craftsmanship, bringing Portugal's unique personality and cultural heritage to life in front of visitors.

The central square is a must-see in WOW, where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of bars and restaurants offering great food and wine. Angels Share Wine Bar, 1828 Fine Dining, Root Vine Vegetarian Restaurant, and Golden Catch Seafood Restaurant all offer great views of Porto. In addition, WOW opened Suspiro Dessert Café and Lemon Plaza Bistro, which offers take-out and traditional Portuguese cuisine, for visitors during the initial opening period.

WOW"s goal is to help define Porto as a cultural destination through a rich cultural experience that not only introduces the city's world-renowned wine culture, but also tells the story of its people and history," said Adrian Bridge, founder and CEO of WOW. For any visitor to Porto or Portugal, WOW should be a must-see on their itinerary.

The project is led by The Fladgate Partnership, a leading Portuguese port wine merchant. The Fladgate Partnership owns brands such as Taylor, Croft, Fonseca and Krohn. The group also owns a number of luxury hotels in Portugal, such as Yeatman and Infante Sagres in Porto and the Vintage House Hotel in the Douro Valley.