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May 30, 2022 View:

Vatlinna hillside terraced vineyards included in the National Register of Historic Agricultural Landscapes

On September 10, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture announced the new edition of the Registro Nazionale dei Paesaggi Rurali Storici, the National Register of Historic Agricultural Landscapes.

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Compared to the old edition, the new list has nine new entries, including hillside terraced vineyards in the Valtellina region in the north of the Lombardia region and terraced vineyards in the Valle di Cembra in the autonomous province of Trentino.

The Valtellina region is home to indigenous red grape varieties such as Nebbiolo. The dry stone wall construction technique used in the terracing of the vineyards in Valtellina has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The Valle di Cembra is mainly planted with white grape varieties such as Muller Thurgau, and is considered one of the best performing regions for the Muller Thurgau grape.

The inclusion in the list of historic agricultural landscapes will once again promote the further development of the wine tourism industry in both Valtellina and the Asabura Valley.