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May 30, 2022 View:

University of Strasbourg launches France's first wine course diploma

The University of Strasbourg (Universite de Strasbourg) has launched France's first wine course diploma, a one-year program covering areas such as wine tasting, soil science and neuroscience, designed to enhance students' understanding of local wines. As Dominique Schwarz, the geography professor in charge of teaching the wine course, says: the starting point of the wine course is life, which is where other disciplines such as physics, chemistry and biology arise.

Photo credit: Time Out

Jean-Michel Deiss, who owns a 27-hectare vineyard near the University of Strasbourg, is also the sponsor of the course. As a winemaker, he believes that the purpose of the course is to teach students to appreciate wine and to be able to tell which wines are well-made and mouth-watering and which are of average quality.

Students wishing to enroll in the course will have to pay a course fee of 4,950 euros (about $38,323), which is quite a lot compared to some of the free basic courses offered at French universities. However, compared to other wine tasting courses, it is less expensive, especially since it also offers a university-accredited diploma.