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May 30, 2022 View:

US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets support for Australian wine

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweets a photo in which he can be seen setting up Australian wine.

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The Ministry of Commerce of China issued an announcement on the preliminary determination of the countervailing investigation on the import of related wines originating from Australia. The announcement pointed out that the investigating authority preliminarily found that the imported related wines originating from Australia were subsidized, the domestic related wine industry was materially damaged, and there was a causal relationship between the subsidy and the material damage. According to the provisions of Article 29 and Article 30 of the Countervailing Regulation, the Ministry of Commerce proposed to the Tariff Commission of the State Council to take provisional countervailing measures on the import of relevant wines originating from Australia.

The Tariff Commission of the State Council, based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Commerce, has made a decision to impose temporary countervailing measures in the form of temporary countervailing duty deposits on imports of the relevant wines originating from Australia since December 11, 2020. When importing the investigated products, the importing operator shall provide the corresponding provisional countervailing duty deposit to the Customs of the People"s Republic of China in accordance with the ad valorem subsidy rate of each company as determined by this preliminary ruling.