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May 30, 2022 View:

UK woman arrested after breaking 500 bottles of wine in supermarket

How cranky are people? A female customer in the UK recently made the news for her crazy behavior. She broke about 500 bottles of wine on the spot in a matter of minutes.

Image from: Netease

In a shocking scene at Aldi Supermarkets in Hertfordshire, England (Germany"s largest supermarket chain) on Wednesday afternoon, a female customer, in a fit of anger, destroyed the liquor products being sold within five minutes. The scene was chaotic.

The vandal was wearing a dark hoodie and brown pants, and was carrying a gray backpack on her back. As seen in the surveillance, she intentionally placed her arm on the shelf of alcohol products and then randomly dragged the bottle to the side and let it fall to the floor.

In the supermarket, the woman threw the various wines on the shelves in all directions and broke them into pieces in order to destroy the air of atrophy and decadence. A mess crackled behind her.

The supermarket staff at the scene reportedly looked at her helplessly as the aisles were filled with broken bottles and wine. Customers were stunned.

Wearing a hijab, she remained silent and broke about 500 bottles of wine in the store. The total value of the wine she destroyed is estimated to be in the thousands of pounds.

A man at the scene at the time of the incident told her to calm down, but she didn't think so. She threw a bottle of gin at the man, hitting him in the leg.

According to The Sun, the woman was arrested by police around 2:30 p.m. after a security guard from a nearby store held her and subdued her. She is currently being treated in hospital for wounds on her hands.

Internet users were also shocked when a surprised customer filmed her act of vandalism. A 50-year-old TV host said: I've never seen a TV host like me all year

A spokesman for Aldi Supermarkets told the Daily Star that police are investigating.