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May 30, 2022 View:

UK wine retailer Majestic expands South African wine range

UK wine retailer Majestic is expanding its range of South African wines to focus on higher priced wines and offer a more representative range of wines for the country as part of its wider wine range assessment.

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The retailer said it has increased its range of South African wines by 17 percent and adjusted its offer by about 40 percent, focusing on higher-priced wines and cutting back on the bulk wines that previously dominated the range.

The retailer also said it is also actively seeking to work with more suppliers with minority backgrounds.

In addition to the new Bordeaux and Rhone Valley grape varieties such as Marsanne, Roussanne and Syrah, wines from the Hmelnad Valley and Turba appellations have been added, as well as organic and biodynamic wines, and the most famous South African grape varieties such as Chenin Blanc and Pinotage.

New vintners also include Trizanne Barnard, David Finlayson and Samantha OKeefe, as well as suppliers Springfield Estate and Porcupine Ridge, who have previously worked with Majestic retailers.

Wine buyer Nadia Williamsom said that given the impact of the recent drought and the New Coronavirus on South African vintners, particularly the government"s restrictions on domestic wine sales, she said the team hopes to achieve a long-term growth trend by working more closely with existing suppliers and bringing in new ones.

As part of the wider reform, the South African wine range has also been updated, with adjustments to the range of wines from Spain, France, South Africa and Italy, which will be available in August and September.