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May 30, 2022 View:

UK wine demand sees surge as Christmas approaches

In the UK, major sellers refer to Christmas as the golden season, meaning that the three months from October to December are an important point in a seller's revenue year. And the easy combination of Christmas and wine is well known for its opportunity to reach a younger consumer.

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But oddly enough, wine sales were not substantial in the Christmas survey leading up to 2019. Many sellers don"t think the holiday season is doing much for wine.

Due to the special nature of this year, major online sellers can be said to have encountered business opportunities, in order to seize this holiday shopping season, the introduction of a variety of play to stimulate consumption. As a result, the wine on the current situation, showing a trend of gradual growth.

The data shows that in the latest week of Google searches, the search popularity of English wine has been climbing. The top three cities are England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with England having reached 100% search volume.

Naked Wines, the online seller of wine in the U.K., saw an unprecedented surge in website visits within 24 hours of launching its annual Luxury Christmas Collection pre-orderable campaign. More than 40,000 cases of these were pre-ordered for Christmas, with three cases sold per second, causing its site to shut down for about an hour last week.

Its managing director James Crawford said we knew Christmas 2020 would be a big holiday, but with more and more people drinking at home, demand has exceeded expectations this year.

According to new research by, the UK is now home to around 14% of vegetarians. As a result, the number of vegetarian pairings for Christmas lunches has increased significantly, as has its choice of alcohol, such as wines with soft vanilla flavors.

Some professionals have analyzed that online retail sales of alcohol in the UK will grow at a slightly slower pace over the next five years. In the short term, the industry is likely to continue to be affected by the trade relationship between the UK and the EU. However, as the economic situation improves following the epidemic, consumers are expected to regain confidence in the UK economy and growth in disposable income is expected to pick up.

And online retailers need to stimulate the growing demand by improving and innovating their services.