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May 30, 2022 View:

UK natural wine merchant Under the Bonnet forges partnership with wine distributor Offbeat Wines

Wiltshire, UK-based Offbeat Wines has formed a partnership with London-based natural wine distributor Under the Bonnet to launch three new wines: a red and a white, as well as an orange wine.

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Earlier this year, Offbeat Wines, founded by winemaker Daniel Ham, moved its headquarters to a biodynamic farm in southwest France under the name of Hugo Stewart, co-founder of biodynamic Les Clos Perdus.

Ham has now launched three new wines, totaling 2,000 bottles, which will be distributed by Under the Bonnet.

Ham says:They focus on natural wines from small producers, which is a natural fit for Offbeat Wines. We"re proud to be part of their family, along with other producers. We really respect them and can learn a lot from them.