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May 30, 2022 View:

UK company sets up exclusive downer cookies to go with different alcoholic drinks

Recently, a British company dedicated to different types of alcohol, designed exclusive downed cookies, four flavors can be paired with all the popular alcoholic beverages in the UK. And this is in contrast to the domestic consumer market leading the next drink snack products peanuts, a sharp contrast.

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With the younger generation becoming the main consumer market, the more relaxed and diversified drinking mode is gradually becoming the new drinking culture. Young consumers are more focused on enjoying multi-level taste experience style of drinking, for the wine drinking snacks, but also put forward new quality demand.

Industry insiders pointed out that the concept of a wine and a dish or become the future transformation of food enterprises, to help the wine industry marketing new selling point.

New wine drinking culture brings new demand

Ai Media Consulting data show that the country has a huge volume and consumption scale of alcoholic beverages, and in 111 2019, China"s liquor and beer sales revenue was 492.74 billion yuan and 146.62 billion yuan respectively, with a year-on-year growth rate of 19.9% and 18.3%. On the other hand, the alcohol consumption group is also gradually younger, with the average age of Chinese liquor consumers being 37 years old in 2019, while the average age of beer, foreign wine and wine consumers is 34 years old, with the post-80s and post-90s gradually becoming the main body of liquor consumption.

With the improvement of national health consciousness and consumption quality, moderate drinking and attention to diet matching have become the new mode of daily drinking. Many young consumers, see drinking as an evening leisure project to reduce stress and relax, and the gathering of wine and food has turned into a small dish for one person to sip.

Ms. Guo, who is engaged in legal work in a well-known Internet company in China, told the reporter: after a stressful work, a glass of wine can relieve the pressure on work. However, the picture of nibbling pickled phoenix claws and drinking wine is too awkward, but there are really very few snacks on the market that are suitable for matching wine and foreign wine.

Single taste, ignore the taste type with

July 10, the reporter searched in a number of shopping platforms to see the next wine snacks, peanuts, dried beans, haloumi is still the top three platform sales.

In the bulk snack section of a large supermarket in Beijing's Fengtai district, the sales staff introduced to the reporter that small packages of salty snack products like crabapple seeds, fried peanuts, flavored dried beans, kimchi pickles, etc. are selling very well and are very tasty snacks to drink. The reporter asked, there is no suitable with wine or foreign wine snack products. Sales staff humorously said to the reporter: in fact, 3 yuan a bag of pea crisp, and does not delay you to drink 82 years of Lafite ah.

However, in the opinion of restaurant professionals, it is very important to pair food with wine.

We all know that different meals should be paired with different wine drinks, but in fact it can also be said the other way around, that different wine drinks are designed to taste like different meals. In modern dining theory, flavor matching is a rigorous and complex matter. For example, a sweeter wine is suitable for refreshing and savory dishes, while a strong, full-bodied wine needs to be paired with some braised or smoked meat dishes. This not only makes the wine more palatable, reflecting the rich flavor layers of the meal, but also neutralizes the wine, reducing and alleviating the discomfort after drinking.

Niche markets hold deep potential

The reporter learned that the main reason for the single product of the next wine snacks is that such products are still niche products.

Beijing Daxing District to stay a pot of food enterprises in an interview with reporters said that the reason why peanut rice has become the gold medal under the drink dish is mainly because in the national consumption of alcohol, beer and liquor accounted for the largest proportion, peanut rice is the most compatible with the popular products. Exclusive under the drink dish is a relatively niche cold category, product attributes are too exclusive, the consumption circle is relatively narrow, and the high cost of research and development, follow-up promotion risk. If the taste type can not be grasped, consumers will not buy.

Industry insiders pointed out that a wine and a dish currently belongs to a niche consumer category, but it contains a depth of potential. For one thing, it can expand new product ideas for snack food producers, breaking the existing solid situation of poor product recognition and lack of differentiated competition. The next drink snacks can be considered for women and men's different physique for product development, or according to the elderly low salt, low fat, low sugar and other health requirements for research and development, and can even draw on the concept of the same source of medicine and food, research and development properties of cold and hot next drink snacks; second, the traditional wine industry can be injected into the new marketing highlights. Many domestic wine enterprises can take this as a starting point, for their own wine characteristics, and snack food enterprises cross-border joint, to create exclusive snack products, and bundled with the brand alcohol sales. For example, drink Erguotou to eat old Beijing chess crisp, drink Sichuan wine to eat small crispy meat in Bashu, etc.. These marketing combinations not only cater to consumers' fashionable consumption and demand for quality upgrades, but also can bring about network traffic of products by creating topics and adding a sense of ritual to consumers when drinking wine.