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May 30, 2022 View:

Three-quarters of US Chateau Garou's premium wines sold in UK market

California-based Caro Wines has revealed that it produces nearly three-quarters of the American wines sold in the UK off-trade that cost more than £7 per bottle.

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Citing Nielsen data, Château Carru says its premium wine portfolio has continued to grow strongly over the past six years.

According to Nielsen, premium wine brands are now key brands in the UK market from January 2021Dark Horse, Apothic and Carnivor are now key brands in the UK market.

Together, these three brands are growing more than seven times faster than premium still wines as a whole. Since January 2015, sales of still wines have increased by 171%.

Dark Horse, which saw a 51% increase in sales in the UK market last year, now produces California Cabernet Sauvignon wines priced at £7+. According to Nielsen, the company"s Chardonnay is the largest contributor to the Dark Horse brand's expansion in the UK market and is the main driver of revenue growth in the £7+ Chardonnay category.

Apothic was launched and released in the UK market in 2015 and was the best selling US premium red wine brand in the UK last year. Its sales were up 23% as of Aug. 8, 2020. The launch of Cabernet Sauvignon in the U.K. last year drove significant growth for the brand, according to Caro Winery.