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May 30, 2022 View:

Third annual New Zealand Organic Wine Week event kicks off this week

New Zealand's third Organic Wine Week, organized by the Organic Winegrowers of New Zealand, will kick off this week with a series of tastings and seminars.

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Due to the global pneumonia pandemic, a number of wine events will be held in an online format, including a series of seminars led by Dr Jamie Goode.

Dr Jamie Goode will be hosting seminars on Instagram Live on September 21, September 22 and September 24 at 8pm (GMT) with Claire Mulholland of Fire Lily Winery, Clive Dougall, co-owner of Deep Down Wines, the organizing body for New Zealand"s organic grape growers Dougall, and James Millton of Millton Winery to discuss organic and biodynamics in New Zealand.

On September 23rd, the Organic Winegrowers of New Zealand organizing body will host a webinar to explain the myths surrounding organic wine and to examine how sustainability, organic, biodynamic and natural wines come together.

The Organic Wine Week event is an opportunity for wine lovers around the world to learn everything about organic wine growing, from organic certification to the vineyard, winery and final product, illustrating that organic farming is beneficial at every stage, the New Zealand Organic Winegrowers Organization said in a statement.

Clive Dougall, president of the Organic Winegrowers of New Zealand organizing body, added: People want to know what they are consuming and that the products they are choosing have little to no negative impact on the environment. The Organic Wine Week campaign is dedicated to dispelling misconceptions about organic wine and informing consumers about all organic wine products.

Across New Zealand, the New Zealand Organic Winegrowers Organization is working with venues and retailers to host organic wine themed events.

Organic wine is growing in popularity around the world. According to the IWSR, by 2022, approximately 10% of the wine sold in the UK will be organic.