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May 30, 2022 View:

The owner of Ángel Lorenzo Cachazo winery in Spain passed away with regret

In August, the entire D.O. Rueda region was in deep mourning when Javier Lorenzo Lpez, owner and winemaker of ngel Lorenzo Cachazo winery in Spain, sadly passed away. The cause of death was determined to be a work-related accident, as Javier fell from a height of 4 meters during his work and was taken to the hospital where he died at the age of 57.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

Javier grew up in the vineyards and underground cellars, and his long exposure to the vineyards and cellars provided a solid foundation for his future as a winemaker.

Javier and his brother have been faithful defenders of the Verdejo wines, famous for the Martivilli wine, which represents the essence of the Verdejo grape and the Pozaldez land, an achievement attributed to the Lorenzo This achievement is due to the dedication and commitment of the Lorenzo family and, above all, of Javier to the wines. All the wineries, winegrowers and winemakers of the Rueda appellation regret the passing of Javier.